Friday, March 18, 2005

BMX 3.18

Rode well and avoided first turn carnage in both mains, 2nd in open, 4th in class. Experts been tough lately since i haven't been training for it like i used too, so i'll take top 4 whenever i can. Sat/Sunday will be nuts, double and triple points, everyone will be there, just try to make the mains and see what happens from there. Another band of snow moving in so probably no Doc ride(again), looks like another AM trainer session(ughh).

Other's results: Ray-3rd in open(right behind me!), 4th in class; Nate- 5th in cruiser, Jay- 6th in cruiser edging out Dan(7th) in a good race.

Gotta get to sleep and do it all again tomorrow.

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