Saturday, March 19, 2005

BMX 3.19

Fun racing but poor results. Edged out of open, blown out of class. Alot of fast out-of-towners showed up and i know some more fast locals should be there tomorrow. Maybe with enough static i can pull something off. Not running open so only one shot in class.

Props to Ray for taking his second win today, still workin' the oldschool Diamondback!

After racing, Michelle, our team manager thew a pizza party for the team at a local restaurant. It was fun hanging out with the Hilliards again and talking to "Guido" about pro racing. After turning pro a few months ago, he seems more focused and determined then ever to succeed. It was also good to see Ed(Michelle's husband) back at the races and i hope he's doing better. All in all it was a good night, just gotta try harder tommorow.

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