Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Dinner was great, afterwards had to pick up some groceries. Incase you didn't know, 8-9pm on weeknights is when all the single ladies are doing there shopping, and tonight the Pick 'N' Save did not disappoint as it was well stocked with some fine a$$ LC tail. As the cashier's shuffling my 95 bucks worth of bachelor cuisine over the scanner an attractive blonde with just some tofu and yogurt or something gets in line behind me. I pay by check, delaying the process a little more. As i'm bagging my stuff i apolgize to the young woman(about my age) for holding her up. She says it's OK and then wishes me a good night.

Yeah, like i'm gonna mack on some chick in a grocery store. That's what bike races are for!


tony said...

I thought you were changing their pedals just to be nice.

RonSta said...

Yo, i'm nice to EVERYONE.