Thursday, March 24, 2005


no coast Posted by Hello
Wow, talk about hightened awareness. Been wanting to do this for awhile and finally got around to it. Hooked up a 15t track cog on my singlespeed. First time really trying fixed gear. It's been pretty fun so far, it'll take me another day or so before i'm confident enough to take it offroad. There was this one time when we were kids, my friend Scott and i rode street on our BMX bikes. Scott's freewheel stripped out and he didn't have money for a new one, so he welded it together. That was pretty sketchy, a fix'd BMX bike! I also installed a 36t chainring so i'm not spinning 800rpm all the time. Wheel got in some new TopFuel 98's and EX's which are pretty sweet.

Jane from Alphawings just started a team blog. Right now there is an explanation of the Alpha-1 disease posted but eventually it will be used to post team news and up to date race results. I'll post a link, so check it out now, then check it out later. Later.

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