Thursday, April 28, 2005


Sorry, not much going on, kind of a rest week. Last night Lirette and i rode a bunch of loops at Lapham "field", good ride. Doing the 6hr race at Muir this weekend. Jay is looking for an extra guy so if you're looking for a team hit him up here. That's all for now.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Bill and Steve showed up again for tonights shop ride, so i guess we officially have regulars. Did the route in reverse and let the wind do most of the work, it's an easy/recovery ride, yo.

Guess Matt G and his team did pretty well at the collegiate regionals despite getting wrecked in the crit. Nice job G, see ya this weekend.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Racing hurts.
I think everyone says that after their first race of the year. Alot of familiar faces, like a mini WORS race. Fast 13mi course with good singletrack, 3 laps long. Had an ok start, went a little hard to catch the Wisconsin guys, rode with them a few miles but as the tempo built i fell off. Got cooked riding by myself into the second lap, Dave (Eckels?) caught me and we rode together for the rest of the race, him doing most of the work and beating me out at the finish. Rodriguez won it on his SS and the rest of the top 4 was all Team Wisconsin, i took 5th overall and $30 for 2nd in AG. Good tune up race, got work to do.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Meatball subs, clean bikes, the OC, lasanga, watching grass grow, R&R. The wind up before the first pitch...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Cool, damp and green is a marvelous spring day in the field. Spoiled by simplicity, my tastes have matured. Tricked out FS on clearence? Possibly. Adios...

Posted a link to the nice guys at Skinny's, so check 'em out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Tonight was pretty crazy. As soon as we got through Nashotah it was headstrong 31mph pace line into the wind. Then crosswind, let up and you're done. A tailwind back made it easier to stay together for the 15 or so of us that were left. Did a couple sprints and took the Stone Bank KOM. Ochowitz was in my slipstream and said he pegged 1015 watts on his SRM, cool. Last day on the road this week, gonna take the Fuel out tomorrow and make sure it's ready for the weekend. Out.

Monday, April 18, 2005


4 people actually showed up for the store ride tonight! I was still spent from the weekend, so it was easy to keep it slow and social, good to loosen the legs up. Perfect weather made it worth getting out. Gotta hit it tomorrow, yo.

Lance announces retirement!

Sunday, April 17, 2005


No matter how easy you take it the last hour always seems to grind out. Yesterday was short and fast, today was slow and long. Figured a few more days off the mtb would be best, so hit the road instead. Waterville Rd. was popular as usual, but i stayed the course. The Picnic Basket makes for a good lunch stop. Sweet spot: 27mph draft off a piece of farm equipment for 1 mile, uphill into the wind. Rode past a golf course, had a ball come down right in front of me and bounce about 12ft. in the air. Snipers? Keep movin'. Brain is fried and now the sunburn is setting in. Great day for a solo century.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


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Another good fast Saturday ride. Not quite as big as last weeks, but big enough. Stayed at the front and out of trouble, only worked as hard as i had too. Some people are looking fast. Nova IS was working together a little bit and Ben Lund could pull solo into the wind like nobody's business. Fun ride, it's nice having 3 hours in by 10:30a. Think i'm going to take a nap before lunch then maybe go hiking with T-bone later. Yeah, i'm a slacker. LC livin'!

Friday, April 15, 2005


Just a few hours left to file if you didn't already. I deposited one of my checks today, now i can by a new helmet. Not much else going on. No riding today, Friday's usually a catch up and relax day. My hand is still wack so i think i'm going to bail on trail work and do the Doc ride instead. Tried a loop at LP last night, it's still to sore to mountainbike. Took the Fuel to work today, full suspension, disc brakes, gears. After riding SS for the last 6mos, i wondered "Who needs all this stuff?" (my blistered hand may disagree). I felt like a yuppy driving an H2 to the grocery store. I'm sure when i start racing again i'll begin to re-appreciate the advances in cycling technology, but there is just something pure about a simple rigid steel singlespeed. When you ride it your not thinking about what gear you should be in or if 5psi less in your shock would have made that last section smoother, you're just focused on the what's in front of you- there's rocks in the trail, stay loose!, or, there's a big a$$ hill ahead so get crankin'!

Ahhhh, days off the bike kill me. Think i'll have to hammer tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Another day, another ride. Rode out to the Bike Dr. ride. Lirette and Nathan G. were there too, good to see Nathan again. The wind was strong, put out a little more effort than i would have liked to. John and i may do the Transition ride tomorrow, have to see how i feel. Rest is imminent.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

5:30, RIGHT?

John called to tell me the ride was going off at 5:30 tonight. No big deal, i rode around a bit to warm up and came in the back way to the lot a few minutes before go time. Everyone was gone! WTF? Thought maybe John played a bad joke on me. I rode the route backwards to meet up with them. Had a tailwind and went kind of hard because i was little urked about missing the group. Met up with them on the west end of the route and asked Littman when they left, he said 5:30, i said i was there at 5:30, he said they figured everyone was there so they left a little early, oh well. Everyone on the ride seemed to be working pretty hard, but i felt pretty good. Afterwards, i rode around for another half hour and ran into Kyle Guerra, Nathan's brother, and talked to him for awhile on the ride home. I haven't seen Nathan since last year but i'm sure he'll be fast and i look forward to racing with him this year.

Don't know what i'm doing tomorrow yet. If my hand

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feels better i'll try mountain biking at LP a little bit, otherwise i'll do the Wed. Doc ride. Guess we'll find out then. Out.

Monday, April 11, 2005


So the store ride didn't really go off today. Well, i guess if you brought your hybrid and expected to go antiquing around town then you had someone to ride with. Not what i was up for. I was still pretty drained from this weekend so i just rode by myself for a couple hours, real easy. I forgot how much mountain biking takes out of you, especially a rigid singlespeed. I'll get spoiled though when i start riding the Fuel again. Gotta catch up on some sleep now, so later.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Past the Doc ride on the way to the trails, easily 100+ riders. T did it and said it was super fast. Got to the trails a little before 9 to work. Had a crew of about a dozen or more, spent the morning building a crib wall on a hillside section of the connector. Butch built this cool little rock drop-off at the end of the section, got it opened up at noon. Had lunch with everyone in LaGrange then we rode. I rode with Butch, Rick and Ryan from Skinny's. We would hammer then take a break, hammer then take a break. It was like doing intervals but it was fun riding with them. Even saw Lirette before we left. Later when it got dark i had a bonfire with a couple friends.

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It felt so good to be back on the trails i decided to go again on Sunday. Everyone was there today, Pedal Moraine, Alterra, a couple Polska guys. Before i even got on the trail i ran into Jay and his friend Jerry who rode in from the other end. Talked to them for a couple minutes, then i split off for a warm up loop. Caught back up to them later on the connector, Jay, Jerry and i hammered on each other for a few miles and it felt good to get back in the "attack mode" for a little bit. Jay and i will have to get together and just ride sometime. After we split off i just rode my own steady pace, some dude caught me in the squirrel loop and worked me over, two days on the jackhamer was starting to take it's toll on me. By time i got back to the connector my palms were so blistered i could barely grip the bars, so i was just riding to get home at that point. Totally spent, i got home, made a pizza and took a nap while watching Martinsville. It was a long, tough and fun weekend of mountain biking, thankfully tomorrow is a slow road ride.

Friday, April 08, 2005


>Bummed. Recieved the letter stating i didn't make the Cheq 40 this year. Dang!
>Bike expo was good. Grabbed some socks and gloves. Frankie Andreau is cool and Gary Fisher is still a hippy.
>Pushed it for 3.5 today. 2hrs in realized i forgot to bring food... or money. Hunger and a setting sun are great motivators.
>Doc ride is tempting, but the trails are open! Work on the Connector in the morning, ride in the afternoon.
>According to Marty, Crystal Ridge races should start first week of May.
>Hartland now has a bike cop. Hmmm, that could get interesting.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Today was beautiful outside until about an hour before i got off work(of course). Rain days are good for catching up on overdue maintenance, so the Lemond recieved new cables/chain/casette and should be ready to rock for another season. Trek tested my fork and said its OK, Evan was supposed to drop it off tonight but didn't show. Oh well, no rush on that. My mtb is ready as well and i'm not touching that for another week or two for pre-race shakedown. As long as my SS runs smooth, i'm set.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


A taste of summer. The early start time made for a small group of 20ish, meaning everyone had to do their part. Flat route, blessed with tailwind through most of the ride. Some showed they're training, others chose to hide. I sat when i could, bridged when i wanted, and pulled when i had to. The final sprint wasn't in the cards tonight, but John led it out so nice it was hard to resist. Sat on his wheel until i heard the riders behind us start to click down then i attacked- HARD. A couple riders pulled up on my left then faded, had it to myself for a few seconds, then Mr. Jones pulled past and buried me, he's on another level indeed. Good night of training with the local crew again.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Ooops, guess the Delafield ride starts next Monday, so show up then. And yes Dad, i filed my taxes today.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


McDonalds for breakfast, NASCAR for lunch, Burger King for dinner. Drove my pick-up, did errands and hiked at LP. Needed a day off the bike. Easy/rest week ahead, ride mon/tues then chill. Weekday rides start this week.

Mon. 5:30 Delafield Wheel & Sprocket - easy
Tues. 5:00 Hartland Centennial Park - fast
Wed. 5:30 Dousman, Bicycle Dr. - easy/moderate
Thur. 5:30 Pewaukee, Transition Cycle - easy
Sat. 8:00am Bicycle Dr. "Drop the Doc" - fast

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Chilly morning, met T-bone and headed to Dousman. Largest group yet, 50+? G actually showed up! Started slow, tempo eventually picked up, stayed near the front, got worked a bit by the Endeavor guys, good ride though. Cruised back to Nashotah for subs, then T and i headed north, hour and a half of mad wind. Stopped at a gas station for Snickers & Gatorade, legs toasted. Holy Hill, Lake 5, then ground it home. All said and done, 108 miles.

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Friday, April 01, 2005


I can not hold back anymore. I hereby officially announce my retirement from all forms of cycling to pursue my true life-long passion, competitive eating.