Sunday, April 17, 2005


No matter how easy you take it the last hour always seems to grind out. Yesterday was short and fast, today was slow and long. Figured a few more days off the mtb would be best, so hit the road instead. Waterville Rd. was popular as usual, but i stayed the course. The Picnic Basket makes for a good lunch stop. Sweet spot: 27mph draft off a piece of farm equipment for 1 mile, uphill into the wind. Rode past a golf course, had a ball come down right in front of me and bounce about 12ft. in the air. Snipers? Keep movin'. Brain is fried and now the sunburn is setting in. Great day for a solo century.


Jay said...

You are a crazy one and call if you want someone to ride a easy 100 as I would ride with you. I hope that your sunburn doesn't peel to much.

RonSta said...

It was spur of the moment, but i'll call you next time i have the urge. Thanks.