Tuesday, April 12, 2005

5:30, RIGHT?

John called to tell me the ride was going off at 5:30 tonight. No big deal, i rode around a bit to warm up and came in the back way to the lot a few minutes before go time. Everyone was gone! WTF? Thought maybe John played a bad joke on me. I rode the route backwards to meet up with them. Had a tailwind and went kind of hard because i was little urked about missing the group. Met up with them on the west end of the route and asked Littman when they left, he said 5:30, i said i was there at 5:30, he said they figured everyone was there so they left a little early, oh well. Everyone on the ride seemed to be working pretty hard, but i felt pretty good. Afterwards, i rode around for another half hour and ran into Kyle Guerra, Nathan's brother, and talked to him for awhile on the ride home. I haven't seen Nathan since last year but i'm sure he'll be fast and i look forward to racing with him this year.

Don't know what i'm doing tomorrow yet. If my hand

No, it's from riding. Posted by Hello
feels better i'll try mountain biking at LP a little bit, otherwise i'll do the Wed. Doc ride. Guess we'll find out then. Out.

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