Sunday, April 10, 2005


Past the Doc ride on the way to the trails, easily 100+ riders. T did it and said it was super fast. Got to the trails a little before 9 to work. Had a crew of about a dozen or more, spent the morning building a crib wall on a hillside section of the connector. Butch built this cool little rock drop-off at the end of the section, got it opened up at noon. Had lunch with everyone in LaGrange then we rode. I rode with Butch, Rick and Ryan from Skinny's. We would hammer then take a break, hammer then take a break. It was like doing intervals but it was fun riding with them. Even saw Lirette before we left. Later when it got dark i had a bonfire with a couple friends.

Saturday nite Posted by Hello
It felt so good to be back on the trails i decided to go again on Sunday. Everyone was there today, Pedal Moraine, Alterra, a couple Polska guys. Before i even got on the trail i ran into Jay and his friend Jerry who rode in from the other end. Talked to them for a couple minutes, then i split off for a warm up loop. Caught back up to them later on the connector, Jay, Jerry and i hammered on each other for a few miles and it felt good to get back in the "attack mode" for a little bit. Jay and i will have to get together and just ride sometime. After we split off i just rode my own steady pace, some dude caught me in the squirrel loop and worked me over, two days on the jackhamer was starting to take it's toll on me. By time i got back to the connector my palms were so blistered i could barely grip the bars, so i was just riding to get home at that point. Totally spent, i got home, made a pizza and took a nap while watching Martinsville. It was a long, tough and fun weekend of mountain biking, thankfully tomorrow is a slow road ride.

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