Saturday, April 02, 2005


Chilly morning, met T-bone and headed to Dousman. Largest group yet, 50+? G actually showed up! Started slow, tempo eventually picked up, stayed near the front, got worked a bit by the Endeavor guys, good ride though. Cruised back to Nashotah for subs, then T and i headed north, hour and a half of mad wind. Stopped at a gas station for Snickers & Gatorade, legs toasted. Holy Hill, Lake 5, then ground it home. All said and done, 108 miles.

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Jay said...

Would not have been a good day to do the doc ride as I was burping the night before. Rode 60 miles today so that is good as I'm not that expert rider just a comp maybe sport. Later.

Matt Gehling said...

What do you mean "G actually showed up"!?!?!? Its like you guys think I'm always late or something......


RonSta said...

Better late than never, lol!

Matt said...

ooooo burn! but its true.....