Friday, April 15, 2005


Just a few hours left to file if you didn't already. I deposited one of my checks today, now i can by a new helmet. Not much else going on. No riding today, Friday's usually a catch up and relax day. My hand is still wack so i think i'm going to bail on trail work and do the Doc ride instead. Tried a loop at LP last night, it's still to sore to mountainbike. Took the Fuel to work today, full suspension, disc brakes, gears. After riding SS for the last 6mos, i wondered "Who needs all this stuff?" (my blistered hand may disagree). I felt like a yuppy driving an H2 to the grocery store. I'm sure when i start racing again i'll begin to re-appreciate the advances in cycling technology, but there is just something pure about a simple rigid steel singlespeed. When you ride it your not thinking about what gear you should be in or if 5psi less in your shock would have made that last section smoother, you're just focused on the what's in front of you- there's rocks in the trail, stay loose!, or, there's a big a$$ hill ahead so get crankin'!

Ahhhh, days off the bike kill me. Think i'll have to hammer tomorrow.

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Jay said...

Riding from my house with Jerry to the wheel ride. My wife is watching his daughter. We will ride with you one of these days. We are riding at crystal sunday, I will e-mail the time we are going.