Tuesday, May 31, 2005

5.31 STUFF

I swear, sometimes i get more attitude on a Tuesday night than i ever have in a season of WORS. It's not like there's cash primes in the middle of BFE anyway, whatever makes you happy i guess.

Thanks to Rick at Skinny's for taking a bunch of video at the WEMS race, go check it out here 'cuz i look really good.

Monday, May 30, 2005


Like singletrack for your car. Posted by Hello
It's been awhile and it showed, couldn't find my flow today. I could blame it on the new Falkens but Masuo was a good 1.5 sec' quicker on the same tires, must of just been me. 5th is alright but was hoping for better, still a fun way to spend a day off.

James called me today, they needed another rider for the 24/9 race so i agreed. I've never done one before so it should be fun. Well, play time's almost over, tomorrow it's back to the routine.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

6HR. @ CR

Today i did the 6hr. WEMS race at Crystal Ridge. Went pretty well, turn out was kind of light, weather was great. I was first to my bike right off the start, Jay caught my wheel after the start and rode with me most of the first lap. After that i just settled into a comfortable pace and tried to ride consistent 25-26 minute laps. About 3.5 hrs in i took a 3 minute "lunch break" of PBJ, a banana, some fig bars, more Hammer gel and lubed my chain, then i was good to the end. I felt great all day and loved every minute of it. The Fuel rode like a Cadillac but is worth it in races like this.The last lap i caught Jay, who was still in second, to lap the field. I took the win with 13 laps which was just over 61 miles. Good job to Jay for hanging in there for 2nd, Nate and Travis, the two 10 year olds taking the 6hr duo and Skinny's taking 2nd in open team and thanks to everyone who hung out and cheered us on.



Thursday, May 26, 2005


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I'm not one for these "energy" drinks but my boss bought some of this stuff and i thought it was kind of cool. I tried it and had the shakes for most of the day, but i was really productive. Think i'll stick to water though, don't need to get hooked on the stuff... or get too much work done at once!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Hey what's happening, what did i miss, where have i been? Just getting reaquainted with some old friends. Monday i spent a few hours on the Lemond and yesterday i took the Fuel out to Cam-Rock for a shakedown before the weekend. Didn't break anything there for once, i'll have to try the SS next time. Speaking of such, checked out the Alpha trail before the race tonight, which is pretty nice. Had the right gear on and gassed it right from the GO, held off the Brandt brothers and Lirette for another win. This is my off week so tomorrow i'm gonna eat pizza and catch up on The OC reruns i missed over the winter. 6hr at CR saturday, more base miles baby!

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Last year it was a broken derailleur, this year double flats. Half a lap in riding comfortably between Eppen and Lalonde, hopped on my bike after the first stream crossing and poof-poof, both tires flat. Bad luck here i guess. Wasn't alone though, seemed like everywhere i looked someone i knew was sitting out. Props to everyone who finished. Jay took 3rd in sport, Nate took the kids race, Tbone took 4th in comp AG, Hannah 3rd in expert AG and MG finished in the money. Nice job guys.

Saturday, May 21, 2005


Skinny's rocks, great pasta and hot chicks. Got another section of connector open today, looks really fun. Preride was good, another tooth and i should be golden. Find out how it all comes together in less then 15 hours.

Friday, May 20, 2005


Loading up early to do some trail work on the connector before heading over to Alpine. Grab lunch, preride a little, hang out alot, then check out Skinny's in the evening. Anyone with me? Atleast i can sleep in on Sunday, but shouldn't have to.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

CR 5.18

Had to work for it tonight. Tried a different gear and got smoked after the start. Nathan got the lead and i got held up behind some guy in the singletrack. Got back to second in the first clearing but Nathan already had about a 30sec gap. Whatever i gained on the hills he pulled away on the flats. The 3rd lap i reeled him in though and passed him on the craters climb, he said he crashed twice already and was a little rattled, i was able to stay ahead for the win but it was a pretty tough race. I think Lirette took third. Afterwards was Qdoba with Al and Marty, can't pass that up.

Wonder how the Bone ride went for Jay, weather looked decent. Also, check out the promo at Skinny's this weekend. Who doesn't like free spaghetti?


Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Matt G showed up for the ride tonight, he's back from Madison for a month. I know everyone is doing the Bone ride tomorrow and i would too if i didn't have a race this weekend, so i'll stick with my original program. Hopefully the rain holds off and i can try some different gearing at Crystal Ridge, think it might be similar for Alpine. To everyone who's going tomorrow, have a fun and safe ride.

Fat gearing at Iola pic:rusty Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005


Good weather by race time, a little nervous about racing singlespeed for the first time. Had a decent start, dropped off the lead group and settled into tempo quickly. First 2 laps were hard, Lenss, Salzman and Woodruff caught me, traded pulls for awhile. Laps 3 & 4 felt good, gassed it on the climbs and shook off the other guys, started seeing stars from pushing the fat gear i had on. Had Periso in my sights on the last lap but couldn't catch him. 10th place, nice way to start the year, reminded me why WORS kicks a$$. Jay took 2nd in Sport and Nate won the kids race. Tbone and Ry-Man had a tough time in their respective classes, but i think they'll adjust quickly. Thanks to Nichole's aunt Wendy for letting us stay over and preparing an awesome spaghetti dinner.

Friday, May 13, 2005


It was balls to the walls at work today, yet all i could think about is Iola. Think i'd be faster if i could use the extra 40 a week for training, but LC livin' is high maintenance yo. The final hour slowed down and i was able to clean my bike for the weekend, just to ride home in the warm and refreshing light rain. Sweetness, i'll take Spring in any of it's forms that aren't cold. 10AM the LC caravan(Tbone and i) rolls out for race destination. See ya'll then.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


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Rained out, rode local- Bark river to Rich Folks loop. Looks like good singlespeed conditions for the weekend. T hooked up accomodations for us again at Nichole's aunt's in Plover, with spaghetti dinner. SWEET! Can't wait...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Rested yesterday, rode today, hopefully race CR tomorrow.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Happy Mothers Day to all the moms (and MILF's) out there!

Got a good ride in at SKM today. Was hoping to go hard but was a little tired from yesterday and i tried a different gear, which sucked, so i just chilled and had fun with it. Trails were great though warm, humid, green and still a little greasy. Now i gotta go meet my family at Aunt June's for a Mothers Day BBQ, so check ya later.

Get well Grandma, we miss you. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Didn't know what i was going to ride when i woke up today. Could of made the 6AM Kettles ride but i waited and called the hotline to find out they were closed anyway. Wonder what MG and Jay ended up doing? I called Tony to see if i could borrow his extra road wheels for the Doc Ride. I drove over and we rode in from there. His wheels were kind of heavy but i got used to 'em.

On the ride the tempo started out good through the first series of hills but a few miles after that things started to get sloppy and it didn't make things any easier that there was a self-appointed ride nazi trying to tell everyone what to do. Basically, i was getting a little irritated. I told Nathan G. to find my wheel on the next hill and see if we can get away. I didn't know where T was but was hoping he knew what to do. I pulled through and spun up the hill, seated. Nathan recovered for me over the top. I looked back and Tony was the only one with us. Perfect. I told the guys to just keep going. The 3 of us pounded nails for the bulk of the ride trying to stay out of sight. When we turned into the wind the effort was futile, we were able to hold off the main group until about 5 miles from the end. We settled in for the last sprint but that was jacked-up due to on coming traffic.

After the ride we found out there was a crash. Guess two guys crossed wheels and one of them went down. The guy was ok and finished the ride, didn't surprise me though with todays group. Next week is Iola and it will be fun racing Nathan as he's moving up to expert this year and i think Tony will do great in his first year of comp. Good ride today guys.

Hey, i heard the trails are open now...

Friday, May 06, 2005


The weather looks too sketchy to bother with the WEMS race and i could probably use the weekend off as the real racing starts next weekend. There's a ride at the Kettles tomorrow but the radar currently shows more rain down there. I don't know, i hate blowing people off but i may just go solo, depends on the weather. Sorry guys, if i'm there i'm there, if not don't wait for me.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Too much to do, to little time. Crammed a couple hours in at the "field" after work. Coulda went longer if i brought a light. Thankfully it's starting to feel like spring again, even after the sunset i was fine in just shorts and a jersey. Was thinking about doing the Sugar Creek WEMS race this weekend, have to watch the weather. Don't know if i want to drive 4 to ride 6 in the rain. Sounds like there's a good ride brewing at the Kettles for Saturday AM though, and some of my friends are throwing a bonfire that night too. I'll decide tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Tonight was the first Wednesday night race at Crystal Ridge. There were a little over 20 people and the course is a little shorter this year so we did 3 laps, which is better than a 2 lap sprint like last year. I warmed up right into the riders meeting and picked a front row spot out of the small group. The start was about half way up the ski hill which i kind of prefer. I got the big-ring hole-shot and gassed it up and over the hill. Had about a 10-15sec gap by time we got to the singletrack and over a minute after the craters hill, so i settled in and enjoyed the ride. I like riding that place, super tight singletrack with 2 good climbs per lap. I won it by like 5min, Constantine Peters took 2nd and Rick from Skinny's finished 5th. I joined WORBA and got a cool beer glass too. I might break out the SS there next week, hopefully more people show up. Later.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Tonights ride was good, fast and fairly uneventful... until the ride home. 6 or 8 of us were riding back to Pewaukee after the ride. We came to an intersection where we take a left. We started turning left and the guy on the left front of the group(a fairly well known rider who is a little squirrely) dives to the right half way through and right into my front wheel. WTF?! I was able to jump off my bike and run out of it(BMX style!) as my front wheel was hung up on his rearD. We were like "What are you doing?" and he says "I was gonna turn right". Gees, no common sense. I got off lucky though, 2 spokes for a Rolf and i should be back in business. He suffered a mangled Kyserium and bent derailleur hanger on his Waterford. Hey, ignorance costs money, yo.

Monday, May 02, 2005


Cold, took the SS to the store and kinda hoped no one would show up for the ride. Two guys did so it was on. 36:16 and straight up in my work clothes wasn't too bad, i pulled up the hills, they pulled me down. Its only 23mi at 16-17, pretty easy ride. Picked up some smooth Lizard Skin grips so i don't tear my hands up again. Those Pedro's grips are brutal on a rigid.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


So this weekend was the first WEMS race at John Muir. I planned on doing trail work in the morning but was running late so i just went to the race a little early and hung out. When i got to the trails the place was packed with tents, trailers and campers from all the 12hr. teams that were already racing, definitely the biggest event i've seen there in awhile. Instead of doing teams we all decided to do solo races this year. Jay, G, and myself did the 6hr. and T-bone, Nathan Guerra, Lirette, Ry-Man and Nathan Labecki did the 3hr.

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6 Hour Race:
Some pretty good experts were in this race so i wasn't sure how i would fair, i knew it's a looong race though and anything can happen. A Le Mans start, we ran to our bikes and i was the second one out. Jesse got out first and was gone with in a few minutes, later i found out he was racing Duo with another guy. I settled into my own comfortable pace and about 5 miles in was riding by myself. On the second lap i saw Gabor Csonka and Jeff Melcher on the attack after me, so i backed off a bit and figured it would be alright to ride with them and conserve some energy. We rode together for a couple laps, trading pulls. After awhile Gabor started to look a little tired, he reached for a gel, dropped it, and stopped to pick it up. Jeff and i kept going and picked up the pace a bit more. We rode together for another lap or so, it's nice riding with someone else in races like this but it can also be a little nerve-racking wondering how much the other guy has in reserve. I was able to gap Jeff a couple times and he always reeled me back in. Going into lap 5, i was able to open up a decent gap, taking CXkings advice, i rode steady until i was out of sight then i made a few small attacks to spread the gap even more, i didn't see Jeff after that. Even though i was eating something or taking a gel every lap i was constantly hungry. The lap i attacked i was getting dizzy and a little tunnel vision, so when i pitted i stuffed 3 fig bars in my mouth and grabbed 3 more in each hand and ate them as i rode back out, then i felt better. I lapped G, he said he crashed and had to fix his bike. My seventh lap i came through at 5:14. I lost track of my lap times but thought i might be able to squeak one more out in time. I sucked down as much water as i could and pounded the big ring more than i did all day, my legs were starting to tighten up but i didn't hold anything back. Came through the timer at 6:01, Bummer! It wasn't all bad though because that's when i found out Jesse wasn't racing against us and i actually won! And took the $60/60mi prime, so that was icing on the cake! Jay took 4th and was excited to finish on the lead lap, Nice job Jay!

3 Hour Race:
I guess the course wasn't marked properly on the first lap so half the people went the wrong way. Based on average speed(however they figured that out), Nathan G. won it and T-bone took 7th in a pretty hefty field. Good job guys! Despite the screw up i think everyone still had fun.

Full results here.