Sunday, May 29, 2005

6HR. @ CR

Today i did the 6hr. WEMS race at Crystal Ridge. Went pretty well, turn out was kind of light, weather was great. I was first to my bike right off the start, Jay caught my wheel after the start and rode with me most of the first lap. After that i just settled into a comfortable pace and tried to ride consistent 25-26 minute laps. About 3.5 hrs in i took a 3 minute "lunch break" of PBJ, a banana, some fig bars, more Hammer gel and lubed my chain, then i was good to the end. I felt great all day and loved every minute of it. The Fuel rode like a Cadillac but is worth it in races like this.The last lap i caught Jay, who was still in second, to lap the field. I took the win with 13 laps which was just over 61 miles. Good job to Jay for hanging in there for 2nd, Nate and Travis, the two 10 year olds taking the 6hr duo and Skinny's taking 2nd in open team and thanks to everyone who hung out and cheered us on.



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tony said...

Nice! maybe you should race the fuel more often