Wednesday, May 18, 2005

CR 5.18

Had to work for it tonight. Tried a different gear and got smoked after the start. Nathan got the lead and i got held up behind some guy in the singletrack. Got back to second in the first clearing but Nathan already had about a 30sec gap. Whatever i gained on the hills he pulled away on the flats. The 3rd lap i reeled him in though and passed him on the craters climb, he said he crashed twice already and was a little rattled, i was able to stay ahead for the win but it was a pretty tough race. I think Lirette took third. Afterwards was Qdoba with Al and Marty, can't pass that up.

Wonder how the Bone ride went for Jay, weather looked decent. Also, check out the promo at Skinny's this weekend. Who doesn't like free spaghetti?


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Matt G said...

Hey good job last night! I ended up doing the Doc ride with Joe and Andrea. The group left without us and Andrea and I bridged a 4:30 gap to catch them and have them wait up for Joe. Nothin like crusin at 28 for 10 min to get he heart movin. It was kick ass!