Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Tonight was the first Wednesday night race at Crystal Ridge. There were a little over 20 people and the course is a little shorter this year so we did 3 laps, which is better than a 2 lap sprint like last year. I warmed up right into the riders meeting and picked a front row spot out of the small group. The start was about half way up the ski hill which i kind of prefer. I got the big-ring hole-shot and gassed it up and over the hill. Had about a 10-15sec gap by time we got to the singletrack and over a minute after the craters hill, so i settled in and enjoyed the ride. I like riding that place, super tight singletrack with 2 good climbs per lap. I won it by like 5min, Constantine Peters took 2nd and Rick from Skinny's finished 5th. I joined WORBA and got a cool beer glass too. I might break out the SS there next week, hopefully more people show up. Later.


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Jay said...

Way to go Ron. can't wait to get there.