Monday, May 16, 2005


Good weather by race time, a little nervous about racing singlespeed for the first time. Had a decent start, dropped off the lead group and settled into tempo quickly. First 2 laps were hard, Lenss, Salzman and Woodruff caught me, traded pulls for awhile. Laps 3 & 4 felt good, gassed it on the climbs and shook off the other guys, started seeing stars from pushing the fat gear i had on. Had Periso in my sights on the last lap but couldn't catch him. 10th place, nice way to start the year, reminded me why WORS kicks a$$. Jay took 2nd in Sport and Nate won the kids race. Tbone and Ry-Man had a tough time in their respective classes, but i think they'll adjust quickly. Thanks to Nichole's aunt Wendy for letting us stay over and preparing an awesome spaghetti dinner.


Jay said...

Again good job. Are you going to do the bone ride. I'm going to do it.

RonSta said...

I would like to but think i'll pass, don't want to get burned out this week. Might do CR on wed and try some different SS gearing. If i don't see ya, have fun.

Jay said...

No problem. You have to go faster then I do so you need the energy. Have a good one, see you Sat at the pre ride. We will be there around 2 I have to work in the morning.