Saturday, May 07, 2005


Didn't know what i was going to ride when i woke up today. Could of made the 6AM Kettles ride but i waited and called the hotline to find out they were closed anyway. Wonder what MG and Jay ended up doing? I called Tony to see if i could borrow his extra road wheels for the Doc Ride. I drove over and we rode in from there. His wheels were kind of heavy but i got used to 'em.

On the ride the tempo started out good through the first series of hills but a few miles after that things started to get sloppy and it didn't make things any easier that there was a self-appointed ride nazi trying to tell everyone what to do. Basically, i was getting a little irritated. I told Nathan G. to find my wheel on the next hill and see if we can get away. I didn't know where T was but was hoping he knew what to do. I pulled through and spun up the hill, seated. Nathan recovered for me over the top. I looked back and Tony was the only one with us. Perfect. I told the guys to just keep going. The 3 of us pounded nails for the bulk of the ride trying to stay out of sight. When we turned into the wind the effort was futile, we were able to hold off the main group until about 5 miles from the end. We settled in for the last sprint but that was jacked-up due to on coming traffic.

After the ride we found out there was a crash. Guess two guys crossed wheels and one of them went down. The guy was ok and finished the ride, didn't surprise me though with todays group. Next week is Iola and it will be fun racing Nathan as he's moving up to expert this year and i think Tony will do great in his first year of comp. Good ride today guys.

Hey, i heard the trails are open now...

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mountaingoat said...

You missed a good ride. Got to ride the mud to get ready for that first rainy Wors race at Iola.