Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Tonights ride was good, fast and fairly uneventful... until the ride home. 6 or 8 of us were riding back to Pewaukee after the ride. We came to an intersection where we take a left. We started turning left and the guy on the left front of the group(a fairly well known rider who is a little squirrely) dives to the right half way through and right into my front wheel. WTF?! I was able to jump off my bike and run out of it(BMX style!) as my front wheel was hung up on his rearD. We were like "What are you doing?" and he says "I was gonna turn right". Gees, no common sense. I got off lucky though, 2 spokes for a Rolf and i should be back in business. He suffered a mangled Kyserium and bent derailleur hanger on his Waterford. Hey, ignorance costs money, yo.


Jay said...

I would have laid him out BMX style in the middle of the intersection. That guy would be racing track style from now on only making left turns. There is always one brainless one on every ride.

Matt said...

Big bag-o-squirrels! Just let'm out in the middle of the pack and wait for the entertainment.