Thursday, May 05, 2005


Too much to do, to little time. Crammed a couple hours in at the "field" after work. Coulda went longer if i brought a light. Thankfully it's starting to feel like spring again, even after the sunset i was fine in just shorts and a jersey. Was thinking about doing the Sugar Creek WEMS race this weekend, have to watch the weather. Don't know if i want to drive 4 to ride 6 in the rain. Sounds like there's a good ride brewing at the Kettles for Saturday AM though, and some of my friends are throwing a bonfire that night too. I'll decide tomorrow.


mountaingoat said...

Ride time 6 am, can you crawl out of bed that early?

RonSta said...

Will it even be light out yet? Meeting at Muir?

Jay said...

Yes and yes. Hope to see you there.