Thursday, June 30, 2005

342 BUCKS?!

I was reading this interview with JHK awhile back. He was talking about how much more intense UCI races were compared to NORBA. I talk to and read about other local pros who regularly spank me and they say how tough the national circuit is. I'm trying to bust a$$ just to finish in the money in our little state series. I suck but that won't keep me from trying.

My truck needed a new MAF sensor, so i've been local this week. Should have it back for the Eau Claire trip this weekend. Wonder how CR has been? I'll make my comeback next week.

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Anonymous said...

Give yourself some credit. From my experience and research the WORS series is above and beyond any mtb series besides NORBA. With names like Hall, Swanson, Devine, Matter and many more who have been featured in numerous national articles we have our hands full.