Saturday, June 11, 2005


Since i'm still wired from the Dew i had on the drive home, i might as well post todays race report.

Did the 6Hr. WEMS race at Stump Farm in Green Bay. It was hot, hot, hot! A long run up to our bikes and i was first out of the chute. Had a duo rider who stayed on my wheel most of the first lap and we opened a large gap early on. The course was about 8 miles and mostly loooong sections of sandy or greasy singletrack, not very fast. Early in the race i realized the rebound in my fork was gone so it was clunking on top-out and working like crap, oh well, annoying but ridable. I didn't want to beat myself up in the heat, just rode a comfortable pace of 40-42min laps and tried to save myself incase anyone came up to challenge (which no one did). The middle of the race was the toughest because of the 90's-ish temps and stagnant humid air in the singletrack. After 5 laps i stopped for a sandwhich and some fruit and talked to Rick from Skinny's for a few minutes before heading out for 3 final laps. I started the last lap at about 5 hours in. The temperature had eased up and i was feeling better, but clouds were moving in and about 10min into my lap the storm siren went off followed by rumbles of thunder. Feeling really motivated, i hammered out the last lap like my life depended on it. Finished up with about 10-15min to spare. The race was called because of the weather at that point, fortunately it missed us anyway. I won with 8 laps, Al Brunner took 2nd, starting on his SS but switching to his geared bike after his crank loosend up. Good job to Butch and Mike from Skinny's taking 2nd in the 12Hr. duo. Rick shot more video which should be up in the next few days.

The Mike/Butch hand-off. Posted by Hello

Session 77:
At the race, Trek had a bunch of demo bikes there to try. I checked out one of their Session freeride bikes and rode it around the parking lot a bit. WOW! That stuff is crazy burly. The 1.5 headtube is the size of a soda can and the tires are pure moto.

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I tried to bunny-hop and could barely get the wheels off the ground, its all travel. Riding over parking blocks you could hardly feel a thing. I was getting tired just pedaling the 50lb. mass around on the pavement. Cool, but definetly for a different culture of riding.

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