Friday, June 03, 2005


Some days are just worth getting up on. Like this morning i found $30 that survived the wash in the pocket of my pants. At work i had to bust a$$ for the first 2 hours to finish two units for my bosses to take to the track, then they left for the day and i got to chill and get my bike ready for the weekend. After work i stopped at the gas station to get some milk, there was this dude there with a nice early 90's Gary Fisher converted to SS with some new Bonty parts, he had on a Surly shirt and dug my ride. His name is Chris and his site is He hooked me up with a water bottle so i'll post his site. Sounds like T's got the bug too, guess he's resurecting an old ride into a single. I'm sure once he gets the hang of it he'll be racing it sooner than later. That's all for now, tomorrow we leave for WI Rapids and hopefully the weather is better than last year. See y'all up there!

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