Monday, June 20, 2005


So my season is currently in the gutter. Another race, another blunder. This week's lesson was in prerace hydration, or the results of lack there of. Like cramping on the 2nd lap and then seizing up completly and going from 20th to 35th? in the last 5 miles. The last few races have been huge learning curves though and eventually i'll put all the pieces together. Thanks to Seth Lenss(pictured) for pulling me around for 3 laps. Thanks to Toni for the hand-ups. Thanks to Kevin from Wisconsin for loaning me a wheel on Saturday and Nick from Wheel & Sprocket for a wheel on Sunday. Props to Jeremey, The Baron, Nathan, Ray, Jerry and everyone else who kicked my ass. And good job to Lirette for winning AG in comp.

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