Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Rough course, light turn out. Goal was just to finish. Lead the start out for kicks. Felt good for 3 laps working through riders. 4th lap the "anti-flat" 60psi in my tires started taking a toll on my hands. Last lap i was hanging on for dear life, nursing the dime-sized blister on my right hand caused by my fatigued riding form. Lost a couple spots but held on to 13th, oh well.

Props to Nathan G. on a strong 10th and some cash, Ray for popping by me on the last lap and Jeremey just a couple spots behind. Tbone, Lirette and Antonia all medaled in their classes too, so that's cool. Thanks to Ryan and his pugs for the sweet campsite.

Haven't been riding much this week, letting my hand heal for the 24hr. race this weekend. Been catching up with reality- dishes, laundry, groceries, bills. Load up tomorrow, leave friday. Out.

Monday, July 25, 2005


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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Since CR was rained out yesterday i went to LP to try out the Maxxis Mobster 2.35 tires from Jeremey. They sure are comfy and i was planning to use them at 24/9 and the next WEMS race but holy crap, at over 400 gram per tire more than what i'm used to i don't know if i'll get use to them in time. Speaking of 24/9, since the shop team has long since dissolved, i've been granted the honor to ride on singlespeed guru Jesse Lalonde's team, which should be a good/interesting time. In other good news, i sold my Fuel today. I'm rolling the cash right into a new project, but more on that later. Drank too much chocolate milk, better get to bed.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I know, i've really been slackin'. Yesterday i took a 4 hour nap before going to bed, today i rode 3 hours easy. Now here's my damn race report.

Sweet Saturday:
The Stage race weekend started great. The first event was the time trial where i ricocheted through the rocky singletrack and gunned the climbs to a 5th place finish and 30 bucks. Later in the afternoon was the short track. The start was fast and half the field blew out in the first two laps. I moved into the front group, no one wanted to work which kept us bunched up. I stuck my neck out for a few laps but didn't push it. Half way through Fisher attacked hard and no one charged letting him get away for the win. On the last lap i made a move for second up the hill and thought i had it but the dude charged back right before the finish and i was too spent to hold him off, 3rd was alright. I was sitting 4th in the overall, earning another $40.

Sour Sunday:
My legs felt good going into Sunday's XC race. The nice thing about this race was they gave the pros their own start wave ahead of us. 2 minutes after the pros left we got the GO! AJ and Mike P. led it out, i filed into 4th behind Drankus and rode his wheel for awhile. My plan was to take it easy on the first lap and feel things out. Seth Lenss caught us but i wasn't concerned because we were building gaps on everyone else. Then just as i was getting comfortable, it was Alpine all over again. I slammed through a rock garden and then heard the hissing of all the air rapidly escaping my rear tire. I pulled off, yanked the can of sealant from my seatpost and stuck it on the valve stem. The tire started to inflate for a second then all the crap squirted out from between the rim and stem. DNF.

It was still a fun weekend but i think my season is in the tank. Thanks and good job to Jeremey for loaning me some BIG tires and taking on the big dogs this weekend. Thanks to Mike and the D'arcy guys for the Loctite. Good job to Jay taking 2nd in the Omnium. Great job to Antonia for winning the Omnium and Lirette for another win in Comp. Thanks to Tbone and RyMan for snapping pics and cheering me on Saturday. I know the updates have been sparse but come on, it's been too nice out to play on the computer everyday. Regardless, thanks for checking in.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005


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OK, this projects been about a month in the making. Retrieved this bowl of potato salad from the back of my fridge today. June, you still want the bowl back? The rain has kept me road bound this week, which is ok i guess. My road bike needs some love, haven't cleaned it in months and the wet roads don't make it look any better. But who cares, i don't race. Who's Lance? What's Superweek? All i care about is this weekends stage race at Devils Head. 3 races, 2 days, 1 gear. 'Nuff said.

Monday, July 11, 2005


Kewaunee WEMS race this weekend, craziest course i've ever raced on. Long steep climbs, wicked descents, all singletrack. FS, disc brakes, granny gear, needed all of it. Got the holeshot on the start and put in 2 hard laps before settling into pace. 3 hours in i lapped Mike from Skinny's in 3rd place. Al B. started on his SS but switched to his geared bike after 4 laps to hang in 4th. Took it a little too easy for awhile and let Dylan from GMAC catch me, passed him back, put the hammer down and never looked back. Caught his wheel right before the finish to lap the field. 5 wins and just about locked up the title. Antonia kicked ass too winning the 3hr. My Fuel is for sale, making the full SS commitment the rest of the season.

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Friday, July 08, 2005


I know. I've been slackin'. But hey, it's summer and i'm in the routine of work, ride, sleep, race, leaving little energy to do much else. Tuesday i crammed 85 hard in around my 9-5. Wednesday at CR my legs were tanked. I led it out but got sketchy and crashed in the singletrack allowing Maclej to take the lead. Then Bender and Frosty caught me. Figured i was better off just taking it easy so i rode a lap with Antonia. She cleared some sections she was having problems with which was cool. Yesterday was an easy day out to LP and back. Tonight is out to the festivals, tomorrow another WEMS race, Sunday- whatever i have the energy left to do. Maybe i'll update then so keep your pants on and thanks for stopping.

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Monday, July 04, 2005


17th and just in the money! Feel like my form is finally coming back together. A stacked class with some of Minnesota's finest and a not very singlespeed friendly leadout meant i had to take everything i learned from the previous races and put it to use. Sucked any wheel i could on the start to avoid blowing up then boosted a few spots before the singletrack. Caught Jeremey and rode with him most of the first lap. Course was a blast and i felt great riding by myself and picking off riders most of the race. Rode a little with Jon Kay on one lap and Doug Swanson on another. 55 inches was spot on and i felt great, flowing the whole time. Best race i've had since Iola. Nice job to Antonia winning overall in Sport, Lirette winning AG in Comp and Tbone also doing alright in Comp. Thanks to everyone who helped out. WORS cup is next, back to the ski hills!