Monday, July 11, 2005


Kewaunee WEMS race this weekend, craziest course i've ever raced on. Long steep climbs, wicked descents, all singletrack. FS, disc brakes, granny gear, needed all of it. Got the holeshot on the start and put in 2 hard laps before settling into pace. 3 hours in i lapped Mike from Skinny's in 3rd place. Al B. started on his SS but switched to his geared bike after 4 laps to hang in 4th. Took it a little too easy for awhile and let Dylan from GMAC catch me, passed him back, put the hammer down and never looked back. Caught his wheel right before the finish to lap the field. 5 wins and just about locked up the title. Antonia kicked ass too winning the 3hr. My Fuel is for sale, making the full SS commitment the rest of the season.

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