Thursday, July 14, 2005


Fuzzy potato salad anyone? Posted by Picasa
OK, this projects been about a month in the making. Retrieved this bowl of potato salad from the back of my fridge today. June, you still want the bowl back? The rain has kept me road bound this week, which is ok i guess. My road bike needs some love, haven't cleaned it in months and the wet roads don't make it look any better. But who cares, i don't race. Who's Lance? What's Superweek? All i care about is this weekends stage race at Devils Head. 3 races, 2 days, 1 gear. 'Nuff said.

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Jay said...

That is gross. You either have alot of stuff in the fridge or nothing and never open the door. Bring it to the race and we can hand it up to someone and they may take a bite before they know what it is. See you at the race.