Thursday, July 21, 2005


Since CR was rained out yesterday i went to LP to try out the Maxxis Mobster 2.35 tires from Jeremey. They sure are comfy and i was planning to use them at 24/9 and the next WEMS race but holy crap, at over 400 gram per tire more than what i'm used to i don't know if i'll get use to them in time. Speaking of 24/9, since the shop team has long since dissolved, i've been granted the honor to ride on singlespeed guru Jesse Lalonde's team, which should be a good/interesting time. In other good news, i sold my Fuel today. I'm rolling the cash right into a new project, but more on that later. Drank too much chocolate milk, better get to bed.

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mountaingoat said...

I bet you're building a 29er?