Monday, July 04, 2005


17th and just in the money! Feel like my form is finally coming back together. A stacked class with some of Minnesota's finest and a not very singlespeed friendly leadout meant i had to take everything i learned from the previous races and put it to use. Sucked any wheel i could on the start to avoid blowing up then boosted a few spots before the singletrack. Caught Jeremey and rode with him most of the first lap. Course was a blast and i felt great riding by myself and picking off riders most of the race. Rode a little with Jon Kay on one lap and Doug Swanson on another. 55 inches was spot on and i felt great, flowing the whole time. Best race i've had since Iola. Nice job to Antonia winning overall in Sport, Lirette winning AG in Comp and Tbone also doing alright in Comp. Thanks to everyone who helped out. WORS cup is next, back to the ski hills!


mountaingoat said...

Keep it going consistent, looks like you got yourself back into callups, 20th. Good comeback.

Jay said...

Way to go it was cool to see you come in at the finish. You looked like you had a little in the tank at the end and that is good. You are back to finishing in the money the rest of the races.


RonSta said...

Thanks guys. A call up will definitely be helpful at Devil's Head. See ya there.