Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Rough course, light turn out. Goal was just to finish. Lead the start out for kicks. Felt good for 3 laps working through riders. 4th lap the "anti-flat" 60psi in my tires started taking a toll on my hands. Last lap i was hanging on for dear life, nursing the dime-sized blister on my right hand caused by my fatigued riding form. Lost a couple spots but held on to 13th, oh well.

Props to Nathan G. on a strong 10th and some cash, Ray for popping by me on the last lap and Jeremey just a couple spots behind. Tbone, Lirette and Antonia all medaled in their classes too, so that's cool. Thanks to Ryan and his pugs for the sweet campsite.

Haven't been riding much this week, letting my hand heal for the 24hr. race this weekend. Been catching up with reality- dishes, laundry, groceries, bills. Load up tomorrow, leave friday. Out.


mountaingoat said...

That's going to be fun endurance racing with you guys this weekend. Can't wait.

RonSta said...

Should be a blast. Getting the fig bars, pasta salad and twinkies ready tonight. See ya up there.

Jay said...

Good luck.