Sunday, August 28, 2005


Story of the year- more disappointment. Started good, top 10. 2nd lap, drop the chain, lose 5 spots. 3rd lap lose a water bottle, cramp, drop the chain again and lose more spots. Lose will to live and grind out race to 19th place. Thanks to everyone who hung out and still cheered for me, without you guys i probably would've pulled out.

Props to birthday girl Antonia winning sport AG and taking 2nd overall despite a broken helmet. G took 3rd in sport AG, Tbone 3rd in comp AG and Lirette did awsome too(i think he won AG, have to check). I'm tired so that's all for now.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Is what i had to remind myself for the first few miles tonight. 59 inches of uninterrupted spin. Changing chainrings made less sense than just pulling the rear brake and flipping the wheel to the fixe cog. Off to Lapham peak i was to try the direct-drive on dirt. Trails were fast and smooth and i learned to ride in pure fluidity (is that a word?) Amazed there was only one decent i had to rely on the front brake for. Faster? No, just a good way to make an old trail new again. The sun gave out before my legs and by time i got home i had in over 2 1/2 hours of coast free riding. It's Thursday, bring on the pizza.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Can't make CR tonight. Good luck to whoever is going. I expect a full report from Jay on what i missed. Out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Yeah, i missed the ride tonight. Had errands to run. Rode local though, Bark River and backwoods. This weekend was a blur, Lapham peak, Kettles, Crystal Ridge, more Kettles, mud, flat tires, riding with G. Went to bed at 7 on Sunday and 9 last night, good rest. Racing CR tomorrow. Might be some good comp with the big shebang coming to town this weekend. See ya then.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Calumet, tricky singlespeed course, horrible start. Spin my nuts off just to come to a stop and wait in line to get into the first singletrack, then spin out some more and lose even more position before the first climb, then dismount and run. Grab any wheel i can on the flats and attack on the climbs. Felt better and better as the race went on. Laps 4 & 5 were hot laps. Nailed the steep climb and even attacked on the flats. Despite the start pulled in a 14th, two places behind Goat. Antonia raced well too, 2nd in AG and 4th overall. Oh yeah, she did it with a double chainring too, no granny gear. Can you say up and coming Expert? Tbone did alright in comp, he's stuck in the mid 20's like i'm stuck in the mid teens. Thanks to my parents for coming up for the weekend with their RV and Nichole for preparing the spaghetti dinner, it was sweet.

Crystal ridge last night. We rode the proposed Alterra course which was about 6 miles long and used the "technical" part of the Alpha trail. As fun as that trail is, it will be a nightmare to pass in there come raceday. Word is comp/ex will do 3/4 laps of this course, weather permitting. We did 2 for last nights race. I found the groove and won. Jack Neilsen took 2nd. No racing this weekend, my first off since May, maybe hit up SKM, LP or even Camrock, who knows, see how i feel...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Hell Yeah! Rock N' Roll! 6 Hour Win On A Singlespeed Baby!

I've proven 5 times this year i can win on a geared FS bike. Now i wanted to see if i could pull it off on a rigid SS. It wasn't all cake and icecream though. Right from the start there was a Bike Hub rider who kept me on the rivet for the first 2 hours. Gearing for the hills left me vulnerable on the flats where he made a couple hard attacks only to have me counter in the climbs. I had to relieve the front spot on my first pit, giving him a 1-1 1/2min advantage and wondering if i could make it up through out the rest of the race. My question would be answered a lap later when i passed him on the side of the trail with a mechanical. I asked if he was alright and he said yeah, so i continued on, not knowing he eventually pulled out. Get this- apparently earlier in the day a teammate of his doing the 12hr broke a chainring off on the course and this guy ends up running over it and cutting up his tire bad enough to put him out of the race. Dumb luck. With out knowing he DNF'd i rode the rest of the race like he was still on my wheel. With a little over an hour to go i was able to count down my last three laps. My wrists were shot, my ass was on fire, my back was sore and my hands were blistered but i still felt strong at the end. Upon finishing i learned Bike Hub had dropped out and i had 2 laps on 2nd. Damn! Mission Accomplished.

It was fun but i don't know if i'll do it again. I did what i set out to do in this series. Now i have to shift my focus back onto WORS and see if i can salvage something from there. Thanks to Al and all the WEMS people for putting on a great series. Thanks to Toni for stopping out to fill my bottles and cheer me on. It was also cool Jeremey and the Wisconsin crew stopped as they were in the midst their epic road ride. Well thats all i can think of for now, i need to get back to a hard day of resting. Later.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

CR 8.3

It's been awhile since i've done a Crystal Ridge race. A prerace shower delayed the start by 15 minutes and really greased up the course. On the start, for some reason i jumped into my pedals about a second too early and had to hold a trackstand until Marty said Go. Then my rear wheel slipped killing my jump. I still got over the hill first, barely, but i knew everyone grabbed my wheel and there were a couple other experts there to keep me on my toes heading into the singletrack. Once in the ST i was able to start opening a gap. Had about a minute on Bender after the first lap so i just settled into tempo from there on. Alpha trail was a blast, long straights to build speed into flat greasy corners to slide through. The 2.4" tires i left on from the weekend really took alot out of me on the climbs but i was still able to win with Bender 2nd and i think Bill Nigh was 3rd.

Today i was tired and could only muster 1:40 on the road. The weather was perfect but lately i've had little motivation to ride the road bike. Saturday is another WEMS race at New Fane. Last year our team won that race by 5 laps. This year i'm doing the 6hr solo and since i sold the Fuel, it'll be singlespeed nirvana. Yeah, 6 hours on a single sounds way more fun than 2 hours on the road. Dig?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


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Twenty four hours of 9 Mile. Jesse kicked it off giving the Bareknuckle Brigade (him, Josh, Sam and myself) an early lead the rest of us would fight tooth and nail to maintain for most of the day. But as night fell Mountaingoat and the Darcy guys proved to be just a little more consistent and built a sizable gap by the morning to take the win. We held 2nd. We all busted a$$ for 24 hours, it was a blast and we were the only full singlespeed team in the pro/expert field. Thanks for the opportunity guys.

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Notes: The start was crazy to witness. People were streaming through the bike corral for about 5 minutes straight after the first riders had already taken off. Showers and free light charges rock. Twinkies were everywhere. Jeremey and i were paired up against each other the whole race. It was fun but intense waiting to see which one of our guys would come in first and then wonder how much gap we had to make up or maintain. Goat, you were way to wired for me at 3AM. Red Bud Rd. was the party spot. Some dude was puking hard in the middle of the night near our camp. 34:16 and 5 dollar 2.4s made for a sweet ride. My last lap at 7AM reminded me how much i miss riding in the morning. Fun, fun, fun.

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