Tuesday, August 02, 2005


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Twenty four hours of 9 Mile. Jesse kicked it off giving the Bareknuckle Brigade (him, Josh, Sam and myself) an early lead the rest of us would fight tooth and nail to maintain for most of the day. But as night fell Mountaingoat and the Darcy guys proved to be just a little more consistent and built a sizable gap by the morning to take the win. We held 2nd. We all busted a$$ for 24 hours, it was a blast and we were the only full singlespeed team in the pro/expert field. Thanks for the opportunity guys.

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Notes: The start was crazy to witness. People were streaming through the bike corral for about 5 minutes straight after the first riders had already taken off. Showers and free light charges rock. Twinkies were everywhere. Jeremey and i were paired up against each other the whole race. It was fun but intense waiting to see which one of our guys would come in first and then wonder how much gap we had to make up or maintain. Goat, you were way to wired for me at 3AM. Red Bud Rd. was the party spot. Some dude was puking hard in the middle of the night near our camp. 34:16 and 5 dollar 2.4s made for a sweet ride. My last lap at 7AM reminded me how much i miss riding in the morning. Fun, fun, fun.

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Jay said...

Great job. See you at the CR time trials on Wed.