Sunday, August 07, 2005


Hell Yeah! Rock N' Roll! 6 Hour Win On A Singlespeed Baby!

I've proven 5 times this year i can win on a geared FS bike. Now i wanted to see if i could pull it off on a rigid SS. It wasn't all cake and icecream though. Right from the start there was a Bike Hub rider who kept me on the rivet for the first 2 hours. Gearing for the hills left me vulnerable on the flats where he made a couple hard attacks only to have me counter in the climbs. I had to relieve the front spot on my first pit, giving him a 1-1 1/2min advantage and wondering if i could make it up through out the rest of the race. My question would be answered a lap later when i passed him on the side of the trail with a mechanical. I asked if he was alright and he said yeah, so i continued on, not knowing he eventually pulled out. Get this- apparently earlier in the day a teammate of his doing the 12hr broke a chainring off on the course and this guy ends up running over it and cutting up his tire bad enough to put him out of the race. Dumb luck. With out knowing he DNF'd i rode the rest of the race like he was still on my wheel. With a little over an hour to go i was able to count down my last three laps. My wrists were shot, my ass was on fire, my back was sore and my hands were blistered but i still felt strong at the end. Upon finishing i learned Bike Hub had dropped out and i had 2 laps on 2nd. Damn! Mission Accomplished.

It was fun but i don't know if i'll do it again. I did what i set out to do in this series. Now i have to shift my focus back onto WORS and see if i can salvage something from there. Thanks to Al and all the WEMS people for putting on a great series. Thanks to Toni for stopping out to fill my bottles and cheer me on. It was also cool Jeremey and the Wisconsin crew stopped as they were in the midst their epic road ride. Well thats all i can think of for now, i need to get back to a hard day of resting. Later.


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Jay said...

Way to go. Now take the rest of the WORS series by the nuts and finish with a bang. See you at the CR wed night.