Thursday, August 18, 2005


Calumet, tricky singlespeed course, horrible start. Spin my nuts off just to come to a stop and wait in line to get into the first singletrack, then spin out some more and lose even more position before the first climb, then dismount and run. Grab any wheel i can on the flats and attack on the climbs. Felt better and better as the race went on. Laps 4 & 5 were hot laps. Nailed the steep climb and even attacked on the flats. Despite the start pulled in a 14th, two places behind Goat. Antonia raced well too, 2nd in AG and 4th overall. Oh yeah, she did it with a double chainring too, no granny gear. Can you say up and coming Expert? Tbone did alright in comp, he's stuck in the mid 20's like i'm stuck in the mid teens. Thanks to my parents for coming up for the weekend with their RV and Nichole for preparing the spaghetti dinner, it was sweet.

Crystal ridge last night. We rode the proposed Alterra course which was about 6 miles long and used the "technical" part of the Alpha trail. As fun as that trail is, it will be a nightmare to pass in there come raceday. Word is comp/ex will do 3/4 laps of this course, weather permitting. We did 2 for last nights race. I found the groove and won. Jack Neilsen took 2nd. No racing this weekend, my first off since May, maybe hit up SKM, LP or even Camrock, who knows, see how i feel...

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