Thursday, August 04, 2005

CR 8.3

It's been awhile since i've done a Crystal Ridge race. A prerace shower delayed the start by 15 minutes and really greased up the course. On the start, for some reason i jumped into my pedals about a second too early and had to hold a trackstand until Marty said Go. Then my rear wheel slipped killing my jump. I still got over the hill first, barely, but i knew everyone grabbed my wheel and there were a couple other experts there to keep me on my toes heading into the singletrack. Once in the ST i was able to start opening a gap. Had about a minute on Bender after the first lap so i just settled into tempo from there on. Alpha trail was a blast, long straights to build speed into flat greasy corners to slide through. The 2.4" tires i left on from the weekend really took alot out of me on the climbs but i was still able to win with Bender 2nd and i think Bill Nigh was 3rd.

Today i was tired and could only muster 1:40 on the road. The weather was perfect but lately i've had little motivation to ride the road bike. Saturday is another WEMS race at New Fane. Last year our team won that race by 5 laps. This year i'm doing the 6hr solo and since i sold the Fuel, it'll be singlespeed nirvana. Yeah, 6 hours on a single sounds way more fun than 2 hours on the road. Dig?


mountaingoat said...

Dude, we are doing 6 hours on the road Saturday. Holy Hill, Pike Lake, West Bend. Heck, we may even be stoping at your race. If you have to be on the road bike, it may as well be hard and long.

Anonymous said...

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RonSta said...

WTF, are spammers hitting up blogs now? Whatever. Goat, i agree, group rides are fun but if i'm going solo i'd rather be on the trail. Have fun this Saturday.

Jay said...

Good job the other night. Have fun at the race as I don't know what I'm doing this weekend yet.