Sunday, August 28, 2005


Story of the year- more disappointment. Started good, top 10. 2nd lap, drop the chain, lose 5 spots. 3rd lap lose a water bottle, cramp, drop the chain again and lose more spots. Lose will to live and grind out race to 19th place. Thanks to everyone who hung out and still cheered for me, without you guys i probably would've pulled out.

Props to birthday girl Antonia winning sport AG and taking 2nd overall despite a broken helmet. G took 3rd in sport AG, Tbone 3rd in comp AG and Lirette did awsome too(i think he won AG, have to check). I'm tired so that's all for now.

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mountaingoat said...

You gave me a freebee there, otherwise you had me smoked bigtime until that chain issue.