Friday, September 30, 2005


Local entertainment? Posted by Picasa
If you know me, you know where i'll be. See you there.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Yeah, it was like that. rusty Posted by Picasa
2 pairs of brake pads
2 cables & housing
1 17t freewheel
1 brandnew FSA bb
1 Sidi Dominator compression strap

Thank god i ride single. Back and forth with Melcher all race, last stretch before the finish mud jams & locks up my tires, watch Melcher, Ruhland and Cole cruise by. 14th, whatever. Check the other blogs for the drama. Props to Jesse, Mark and Jeremey for puttin 3 singles in the money.

Tonight was a good tempo ride. No one commented on my mismatched shoes.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


So it seems like everyone is rollin' big now. Well, just to be different i'm going to stay the same. Yeah, that's right- 26" RULES! Big wheels are overrated. Ha! Just kidding. Would if i could but the fact is another bike just doesn't look to fit on the dime this season. The 1X1 is a great ride and i may spiff it up swith some new hardware during the frosty months, just got some other projects i wanna tackle first. Today it rained and i had sht to do so it was just a light spin around town. Whatever, plenty of riding and racing left in the weeks ahead.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


40 roll out Posted by Picasa
By now you've probably read/heard everyone elses perspectives on the Cheq 40 race so i'll spare you the details. It is an awsome spectacle to witness and the finish was down to the wire. I took a ton of pictures but my camera was on the wrong setting and none of them turned out. Tbone did it in 2:34, not bad for his first crack at it. Have to thank my friends Mike and Pat for letting us stay at their beautiful home in Hayward for the weekend, it was good seeing them again. After a weekend of greasy food and no racing i'm finally getting back into my normal routine. Hmm, lets see, i rode today, i rode yesterday and the 2 days before that and tomorrow i'll ride some more. Feels good. I wonder how G did at MTB collegiates?

I know MG already covered this; Jeff Littman is in ICU after a crash at a race last Sunday. Jeff is a regular on our rides around here and an all around nice guy. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he has a tough recovery ahead.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


If you're bored with my sht, check out some of my friends sites i added to the Links bar. Going to Chequammy to not race, so see y'all up der!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Saturday night i got the DL about the revised course. I've ridden Winter park before so despite everyone's preride horror stories i was pretty pumped to race there. Had a front row call-up but burried myself safely in the upper midpack on the leadout. Jesse took the prime and i sat in top 15 going into the first singletrack. Patience was my race objective here as riders were popping off left and right. Back onto the road and the lead group was only 5-10 seconds ahead. I knew those guys would turn it up so i settled in with Jeff Melcher, Jerry Long and i think Jeremey was hanging on too for awhile. I let those guys do most of the work as it was hard enough hanging on with the 2:1. Then we hit the dirt again to do our laps. The course was challenging but fun and everything was totally ridable, even on a single. I caught a few riders and a few caught me. I dropped a bottle in the bumpy field on the first lap and retrieved it on the second. 3 hard laps then back onto the road. I worked with a comp rider until we turned the corner and got a tailwind into the last singletrack. The crazy Winter park stuff, up down and around the ravine. Had to run a couple hills here. Held a gap over Melcher the entire race but never got out of sight. After the last ST he caught my wheel and when we turned onto the road down the hill he attacked hard and pulled away. I got about 4 revolutions in and i was spun out. Tucked in for a nice 10th place finish. Jeremey big-wheeled it in less than a minute behind in 11th. Dude was ready to write this race off as a 5 pointer! Definitely a fun race and a great singlespeed course.

Tenacious Girl:
Antonia was primed to do well here. She sat in on the the start then attacked at the top of the hill to take the $20 prime. Half a lap into her race with a couple minute lead already, something jammed her derailleur into her rear wheel ripping it off and damaging the wheel. Refusing to DNF, she ditched the wheel and ran the last lap and a half and the return road with her bike to the finish(10 miles?) Finishing last overall still earned her a third place medal in age group. Now that's determination.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


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And i have the elbows to match. Why get ink when scars are free? What else is been going on? Not much riding. Parked my truck on a bad number, 166,666.6 miles and ended up spending $669.69 to get it going again. There goes my 29er for now. Fords suck. The last CR race was rain shortened after 1 lap, singletrack master Maclej won it, i chilled in 2nd. A little LP last night till dark and Kettles this morning. Good ride until i layed myself out over a rock garden a 1/4 mile from the end, but you need to do that once in awhile. Rode the fat Kewaunee gear, heading up with Tbone tomorrow AM. Check back for the aftermath.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Did the Doc ride this morning, haven't done it since spring. Matt Kelly came and ripped it up. My legs were on boil the whole time trying to stay with the front group. I was useless. I need to get back on the road more often. After that i rode another 30+ with Antonia around Holy Hill. Lunch at Senor Tomas' topped off the afternoon. I have to go help my aunt paint some windows or something now.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Screw it, gas costs too much to drive anywhere now. Last night i rode down to the city. This morning stopped at my aunts for breakfast before making my trek home. Might head over to LP later for a short ride, fixt of course. My friend Chris is doing CX clinics there on tuesday nights at 5:00, may try that out this fall. CR was fun wednesday. I started in the back for kicks and rode with a couple guys on the first lap before breaking away for the win. Yeah, updates have been sketchy but so has my internet service. I think my neighbor moved his router and its been harder for me to snag a good signal. Whatever, i'll get by.

CR pic: DougB Posted by Picasa