Friday, September 02, 2005


Screw it, gas costs too much to drive anywhere now. Last night i rode down to the city. This morning stopped at my aunts for breakfast before making my trek home. Might head over to LP later for a short ride, fixt of course. My friend Chris is doing CX clinics there on tuesday nights at 5:00, may try that out this fall. CR was fun wednesday. I started in the back for kicks and rode with a couple guys on the first lap before breaking away for the win. Yeah, updates have been sketchy but so has my internet service. I think my neighbor moved his router and its been harder for me to snag a good signal. Whatever, i'll get by.

CR pic: DougB Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

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RonSta said...

I just activated the word verification to keep this crap from coming up again, so don't be afraid. F'n spammers.

Jay said...

You have a smile on your face so you must like the pain of racing. Have a fun weekend of riding.