Wednesday, September 21, 2005


40 roll out Posted by Picasa
By now you've probably read/heard everyone elses perspectives on the Cheq 40 race so i'll spare you the details. It is an awsome spectacle to witness and the finish was down to the wire. I took a ton of pictures but my camera was on the wrong setting and none of them turned out. Tbone did it in 2:34, not bad for his first crack at it. Have to thank my friends Mike and Pat for letting us stay at their beautiful home in Hayward for the weekend, it was good seeing them again. After a weekend of greasy food and no racing i'm finally getting back into my normal routine. Hmm, lets see, i rode today, i rode yesterday and the 2 days before that and tomorrow i'll ride some more. Feels good. I wonder how G did at MTB collegiates?

I know MG already covered this; Jeff Littman is in ICU after a crash at a race last Sunday. Jeff is a regular on our rides around here and an all around nice guy. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he has a tough recovery ahead.

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