Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Yeah, it was like that. rusty Posted by Picasa
2 pairs of brake pads
2 cables & housing
1 17t freewheel
1 brandnew FSA bb
1 Sidi Dominator compression strap

Thank god i ride single. Back and forth with Melcher all race, last stretch before the finish mud jams & locks up my tires, watch Melcher, Ruhland and Cole cruise by. 14th, whatever. Check the other blogs for the drama. Props to Jesse, Mark and Jeremey for puttin 3 singles in the money.

Tonight was a good tempo ride. No one commented on my mismatched shoes.


Jay said...

Nice picture. Glad to see you were able to finish well. I took my bike to the shop as I needed new cables housing, maybe a new xtr bb, etc.

The drama is getting better by the minute. I just stay out of it. Night ride time are you in for some of them after the race season?

RonSta said...

Nite rides rock. Let me know when/where.

Jay said...

I'll do that when the next one is posted.