Monday, October 31, 2005


Thanks to James for taking these.

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And Madcross for these.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Where to begin? Josh had a fire at his new house friday night. After a couple hours of sleep i wasn't really up for the Doc ride since it was still dark at 7am. Slept in for another hour then remembered there was a group ride at the Kettles. So i threw my sht together and headed down. Mountaingoat, Jerry, Bdog, the Petersons on a tandem and the Darcy team all showed up, with singlespeeds well represented. I usually don't do many group rides on dirt during the year but it was fun having a bunch of fast riders together to hammer on eachother. Then everyone headed up to the banquet. I had to go home first so i missed the riders meeting. 'Goat made sure no one tried to F' up the expert class so i guess i didn't miss anything. The banquet was alright, other then them running out of food when our table came up, it was still fun seeing everyone and hanging out. I cruised 75 easily the whole way home then when i get into town one of Hartlands Finest stops me a half mile from home to inform me my brake lights don't work, which i was completely unaware of.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, Fords suck.

Today was the Washington Park cross race. I raced A's and didn't know what to expect. My goal was to not be DFL. The start was fast, like a wors race. I spent the first couple laps getting used to the twisty, bumpy course at speed and brakeless. I settled in with 1 or 2 guys throughout the race as we picked off riders who blew up. With 2 laps to go the guy i was with attacked and i was too tired to respond. I ended up 9th out of about 15. MarkO rocked a couple spots up in costume to 7th. Thanks to everyone who stayed around to cheer us on and Russ for the PBR! Now its dark out at 5 o'clock and i'm eating icecream. Fall rocks.

Friday, October 28, 2005


If all goes well this weekend will be a blur of bonfires, riding, parties, banqueting and maybe a cross race. See ya'll somwhere.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Just 3@LP,
Short & Sweet.

No brakes,
No light,
No coasting tonite.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Kicked myself in the a$$ today and went to a race, the inaugural Beechwood Blaster. About 20 or so riders in the comp/ex class. A shotgun start kicked the race off to a mellow lead out. Jeremey attacked first then Jesse took off and rode into the oblivion. I felt like a sick gimp for the first lap before finding some flow and climbing legs. Long grassy climbs & decents separated with greasy off camber singletrack made for a rockin' course. With Jesse off the front, Jeremey held a consistent 1:30- 2minute gap over me the rest of the race. Every lap we'd see eachother in the exact same place on switchbacks. I rode it out comfortably in 3rd rounding out a full singlespeed overall podium! Thanks to the Big Ring Racing crew for putting on a helluva fun race and lots of shwag. Look for pics later on. Out.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Screw it. I really hate backing out of things. I guess i'm just not hardcore enough to go out enjoy the full misery of 'cross today. Was on the fence about it all morning but there's no sign of the weather letting up. Half the reason i planned on this race was to ride the mtb trails, which i'm sure with the rain they would either be closed or heavily frowned upon to ride. If this pattern keeps up i may blowoff tomorrows race too. Geez i'm a slacker. Have fun suckers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Camrock CX is Saturday. Goin' early to ride Area 3 with John, then switch gear/tires to race in the afternoon. After that, head out to Bennos in the city for the CR awards thing. Sunday, head up to the Beechwood race. Next weekend is the WORS banquet and then Washington Park cross on Sunday. Iceman the weekend after, then a double header of BMX the weekend after that. Would'nt be there if i did'nt love it. Never gonna stop Yeah!!!

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Sunday, October 16, 2005


I was tired and 'cross was to far and cost too much for me this weekend. 34:16 w/2.35s is currently my favorite setup, just seems to work good around here for mellow rides. Did the usual, crashed Kettles yesterday mornin' and banged out a couple hours at LP today before hanging out at the shop for awhile. Nice to be home for a weekend. Anymore cross? Gotta check the schedule, maybe Camrock and one of the ones in the city, but that'll probably be it. Iceman and BMX will make for a busy November as it is. Sheeeeeit, i gotta work tomorrow. Out.

Friday, October 14, 2005


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2001 Lemond Zurich
53cm, 853/carbon fork, full Ultegra, Good condition
IMHO best color scheme they came in
$900 OBO

Surly 1X1 (not mine)
20" slightly used frame w/brand new fork & Bonty Race post.
Race worthy & play worthy, still love mine.
$250 OBO

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S&M Dirtbike XL
20.5 TT, 4130 frame/fork, 14mm slots, Kalloy post,
Poverty stem, go dirt or street riding!

$175 OBO

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Sun Ringle 20" Big City Rims
48's w/DK hi flange 14mm sealed hubs &
Primo V-Monster 2.1 tires for carefree grinding

$100 OBO

Interested in anything? Contact me:

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Flavor of the week? I prefer seasonal sundae. Like autumn, death spawns rebirth. Last night i got a call from The Don. I qualified for the Iceman. Granted, i wasn't at the top of the list but i jumped at the opportunity none the less and accepted. Today was the first day i felt like riding since Sheboygan. It was warm, sunny and humid. LP was dry and fast but i rode mellow, savoring this last gasp of summer. I finished 12th for the year in WORS and after they pulled 4 of the top guys out of my age group for the overall i got bumped up to 2nd in AG, so i guess it's worth going to the banquet. In all reality i didn't have that bad of a year. I won the Metro series at Crystal Ridge and also the 6Hr. class in the WEMS series. Have to thank Marty from WORBA and Al from WEMS for putting on two great series. I got to be on a kick ass single speed team at 24/9, did well at smaller races like Rock Cut and Fall Color and met some cool people along the way. Post season depression? Yeah right, between Iceman, CX and BMX i'll have to put that off until say, mid April. Does it ever end? I hope not.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


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WORS finale. All the big shots gunnin' for cash. Got called up. Hung on for a decent start, but when the tempo built i just couldn't respond. Being slightly over geared killed in the chop and left me praying for open sections to put power down. Rode most of the race stuck at one speed, getting passed by chase groups. Last 2 laps rode with Mike P, MarkO, Ruhland and maybe a couple other guys. Mark gunned it on the last lap, i shook the other guys in the last couple run ups and went on the attack but didn't have enough to catch him. 24th? Not great, but it was a stacked class and a mediocre season for me so, whatever. I think i ended up like 11,12 or13 for the year. Not as good as last year but not bad for 2 dnf's and mostly not-so-hot races.

Props to Antonia for a hard fought come from behind win today. Missing a turn and falling on the equalizer hill couldn't keep the girl down as she beat out Sam Schnieder on the last lap to take the overall win and just a few points short of the season title. Nice work girl.

Now that racing's over maybe i'll get around to regular updates again. Later.

Monday, October 03, 2005


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Sunday was the first cross race of the year and my first ever. After damaging my rim the day before i decided to pull the brake and run fixt in the B race. I think some people thought i was crazy but i just wanted to have fun. I got a great start and things sorted out pretty quickly with Tom Bender, Aaron Brandt, an ISCorp rider and myself breaking away within the first couple of laps. We took turns pulling for awhile and i probably led a little more than i should've. About 2/3 of the way through, Bender gapped me a bit after the 2nd barrier crossing then, Aaron jumped to the front and put in a monster pull that i couldn't make up. I could catch them on the climbs but without passing them i would get gapped more and more on the flats. With 2 to go i tried to up the effort but my legs were getting soft. With the 4th guy dropping off i just rode it in for 3rd and 10 bucks and a burrito.

Afterwards i watched the A race. Tristan and Matt K ripped it up. Mark dropped a chain and came from half a lap down to finish 11th. Jeremey power climbed the run-up in sick fashion to 10th. Chris ran well with Jeremey early on and later with Mark to take 12th. Gotta thank him and the CZ Velo crew for putting on a really fun event. The Moe's burritos were awsome!

Sunday, October 02, 2005


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Fall Color Fest. This is a small race but it's sort of special to me because it's the first mountainbike race i ever did some nine years ago. Anyway, this year i didn't get a great starting spot in the narrow staging shoot and had to work my way up to the lead group on the short grassy leadout. Once up there i took attendance on who was all on the lead train, Nathan G, Josh Barrett, Mike Phillips, Tristan, Kevin Klug, SK-J and a few unknown dudes in the front doing all the work. The pace wasn't super fast so i figured i'd just sit in and keep my eyes on the key riders. About 5 miles in some of the front guys started to pop. I was trying to get around one guy going over a little hill, my front tire slid off line and i went over the bars landing headfirst and cracking my helmet. I lost a few spots and it pissed me off. I fought back and caught Nathan, Phillips and Barrett, while Tristan and a few other guys broke away. I worked through our group and tried to stay calm so i wouldn't make anymore mistakes and just worked on raising the tempo. We caught the leaders at the end of the first lap and they weren't going that fast, said they didn't want to get lost (the course was poorly marked). I went to the front and felt more comfortable flowing my own lines and tempo. Then going down waterbottle hill my rear tire nailed something hard and dinged the rim bad, had to dial my brake out. Halfway through the 2nd lap i looked back and Tristan was the only one with me. I kept riding and going into the 3rd lap i was starting to cramp, so of course when i reach for my full bottle i drop the damn thing. Tristan took over and i hung on for as long as i could, putting my legs into full lactic saturation. Barrett had me in sight and kept pressure on me but somehow i was able to keep peggin' it and held him off to the finish. So it was Tristan, me, Barrett and Nathan taking 4th. Not the fastest race we've ever had, but one of the funnest i've had in awhile.

Congrats to my friend Jamie who got married today. Cross starts in a few hours!

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