Sunday, October 23, 2005


Kicked myself in the a$$ today and went to a race, the inaugural Beechwood Blaster. About 20 or so riders in the comp/ex class. A shotgun start kicked the race off to a mellow lead out. Jeremey attacked first then Jesse took off and rode into the oblivion. I felt like a sick gimp for the first lap before finding some flow and climbing legs. Long grassy climbs & decents separated with greasy off camber singletrack made for a rockin' course. With Jesse off the front, Jeremey held a consistent 1:30- 2minute gap over me the rest of the race. Every lap we'd see eachother in the exact same place on switchbacks. I rode it out comfortably in 3rd rounding out a full singlespeed overall podium! Thanks to the Big Ring Racing crew for putting on a helluva fun race and lots of shwag. Look for pics later on. Out.

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