Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Camrock CX is Saturday. Goin' early to ride Area 3 with John, then switch gear/tires to race in the afternoon. After that, head out to Bennos in the city for the CR awards thing. Sunday, head up to the Beechwood race. Next weekend is the WORS banquet and then Washington Park cross on Sunday. Iceman the weekend after, then a double header of BMX the weekend after that. Would'nt be there if i did'nt love it. Never gonna stop Yeah!!!

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mountaingoat said...

What category are you fixin' it?

RonSta said...

A's, yo.

mountaingoat said...

Fixt in A's huh? I don't know that I have that much in me. Jerry almost has me talked into a long kettle ride that morning instead. Don't know if I care about cross enough to drive almost 2 hours for a 50 minute race.