Sunday, October 30, 2005


Where to begin? Josh had a fire at his new house friday night. After a couple hours of sleep i wasn't really up for the Doc ride since it was still dark at 7am. Slept in for another hour then remembered there was a group ride at the Kettles. So i threw my sht together and headed down. Mountaingoat, Jerry, Bdog, the Petersons on a tandem and the Darcy team all showed up, with singlespeeds well represented. I usually don't do many group rides on dirt during the year but it was fun having a bunch of fast riders together to hammer on eachother. Then everyone headed up to the banquet. I had to go home first so i missed the riders meeting. 'Goat made sure no one tried to F' up the expert class so i guess i didn't miss anything. The banquet was alright, other then them running out of food when our table came up, it was still fun seeing everyone and hanging out. I cruised 75 easily the whole way home then when i get into town one of Hartlands Finest stops me a half mile from home to inform me my brake lights don't work, which i was completely unaware of.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, Fords suck.

Today was the Washington Park cross race. I raced A's and didn't know what to expect. My goal was to not be DFL. The start was fast, like a wors race. I spent the first couple laps getting used to the twisty, bumpy course at speed and brakeless. I settled in with 1 or 2 guys throughout the race as we picked off riders who blew up. With 2 laps to go the guy i was with attacked and i was too tired to respond. I ended up 9th out of about 15. MarkO rocked a couple spots up in costume to 7th. Thanks to everyone who stayed around to cheer us on and Russ for the PBR! Now its dark out at 5 o'clock and i'm eating icecream. Fall rocks.

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