Sunday, October 02, 2005


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Fall Color Fest. This is a small race but it's sort of special to me because it's the first mountainbike race i ever did some nine years ago. Anyway, this year i didn't get a great starting spot in the narrow staging shoot and had to work my way up to the lead group on the short grassy leadout. Once up there i took attendance on who was all on the lead train, Nathan G, Josh Barrett, Mike Phillips, Tristan, Kevin Klug, SK-J and a few unknown dudes in the front doing all the work. The pace wasn't super fast so i figured i'd just sit in and keep my eyes on the key riders. About 5 miles in some of the front guys started to pop. I was trying to get around one guy going over a little hill, my front tire slid off line and i went over the bars landing headfirst and cracking my helmet. I lost a few spots and it pissed me off. I fought back and caught Nathan, Phillips and Barrett, while Tristan and a few other guys broke away. I worked through our group and tried to stay calm so i wouldn't make anymore mistakes and just worked on raising the tempo. We caught the leaders at the end of the first lap and they weren't going that fast, said they didn't want to get lost (the course was poorly marked). I went to the front and felt more comfortable flowing my own lines and tempo. Then going down waterbottle hill my rear tire nailed something hard and dinged the rim bad, had to dial my brake out. Halfway through the 2nd lap i looked back and Tristan was the only one with me. I kept riding and going into the 3rd lap i was starting to cramp, so of course when i reach for my full bottle i drop the damn thing. Tristan took over and i hung on for as long as i could, putting my legs into full lactic saturation. Barrett had me in sight and kept pressure on me but somehow i was able to keep peggin' it and held him off to the finish. So it was Tristan, me, Barrett and Nathan taking 4th. Not the fastest race we've ever had, but one of the funnest i've had in awhile.

Congrats to my friend Jamie who got married today. Cross starts in a few hours!

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mountaingoat said...

Nice race.

rusty said...

rusty says - my 1st visit to your BLOG - nicely done. Seems that I'll have to pop off some BETTER shots of you - hopefully at Sheboygan. Hopefully you will be getting handed some CA$H at the top of the equalizer hillclimb as I grab a nice panned shot!
Enjoy the 'cross season, that's the real stuff, ouch!

RonSta said...

I worked on my dismount/run-ups yesterday, which is how i'll probably have to approach the "equalizer" with the gear i'll be running, but thanks and see you up there.