Monday, October 03, 2005


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Sunday was the first cross race of the year and my first ever. After damaging my rim the day before i decided to pull the brake and run fixt in the B race. I think some people thought i was crazy but i just wanted to have fun. I got a great start and things sorted out pretty quickly with Tom Bender, Aaron Brandt, an ISCorp rider and myself breaking away within the first couple of laps. We took turns pulling for awhile and i probably led a little more than i should've. About 2/3 of the way through, Bender gapped me a bit after the 2nd barrier crossing then, Aaron jumped to the front and put in a monster pull that i couldn't make up. I could catch them on the climbs but without passing them i would get gapped more and more on the flats. With 2 to go i tried to up the effort but my legs were getting soft. With the 4th guy dropping off i just rode it in for 3rd and 10 bucks and a burrito.

Afterwards i watched the A race. Tristan and Matt K ripped it up. Mark dropped a chain and came from half a lap down to finish 11th. Jeremey power climbed the run-up in sick fashion to 10th. Chris ran well with Jeremey early on and later with Mark to take 12th. Gotta thank him and the CZ Velo crew for putting on a really fun event. The Moe's burritos were awsome!


BoyWhore said...

well, i guess if you really wanna make things interesting you could roll fixt with no brakes.

mountaingoat said...

We should all try it brakeless/fixt and have our own race within the race.

RonSta said...

I'd be up for it.

Jay said...

Nice job Ron. Are you doing all the races fixie?