Sunday, October 16, 2005


I was tired and 'cross was to far and cost too much for me this weekend. 34:16 w/2.35s is currently my favorite setup, just seems to work good around here for mellow rides. Did the usual, crashed Kettles yesterday mornin' and banged out a couple hours at LP today before hanging out at the shop for awhile. Nice to be home for a weekend. Anymore cross? Gotta check the schedule, maybe Camrock and one of the ones in the city, but that'll probably be it. Iceman and BMX will make for a busy November as it is. Sheeeeeit, i gotta work tomorrow. Out.


mountaingoat said...

Secret MTB race this weekend. Email me if you don't know the details.

Jay said...

Hey Ron,
The social ride is Sat and the awards for the Wed series is Sat night also. We are meeting at the UWM parking lot at 10am on Sat and riding from there. Awards are at Benno's Sat night I don't know the time but after the ride sometime. No time for racing right now just time for night riding and easy rides.