Thursday, October 13, 2005


Flavor of the week? I prefer seasonal sundae. Like autumn, death spawns rebirth. Last night i got a call from The Don. I qualified for the Iceman. Granted, i wasn't at the top of the list but i jumped at the opportunity none the less and accepted. Today was the first day i felt like riding since Sheboygan. It was warm, sunny and humid. LP was dry and fast but i rode mellow, savoring this last gasp of summer. I finished 12th for the year in WORS and after they pulled 4 of the top guys out of my age group for the overall i got bumped up to 2nd in AG, so i guess it's worth going to the banquet. In all reality i didn't have that bad of a year. I won the Metro series at Crystal Ridge and also the 6Hr. class in the WEMS series. Have to thank Marty from WORBA and Al from WEMS for putting on two great series. I got to be on a kick ass single speed team at 24/9, did well at smaller races like Rock Cut and Fall Color and met some cool people along the way. Post season depression? Yeah right, between Iceman, CX and BMX i'll have to put that off until say, mid April. Does it ever end? I hope not.


Jay said...

Great to hear that you get to go to the ice man. Good Luck. See you at the banquet for sure as the family needs to pick up some stuff that night to. You have that right, the season never ends and see you at the bmx track soon and at a few cx races.

Jay said...

Hey Ron group ride at the Hales Wheel at 10am. Easier 35 mile ride around wind lake. We meet in the back parking lot and leave at 10am.