Sunday, October 09, 2005


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WORS finale. All the big shots gunnin' for cash. Got called up. Hung on for a decent start, but when the tempo built i just couldn't respond. Being slightly over geared killed in the chop and left me praying for open sections to put power down. Rode most of the race stuck at one speed, getting passed by chase groups. Last 2 laps rode with Mike P, MarkO, Ruhland and maybe a couple other guys. Mark gunned it on the last lap, i shook the other guys in the last couple run ups and went on the attack but didn't have enough to catch him. 24th? Not great, but it was a stacked class and a mediocre season for me so, whatever. I think i ended up like 11,12 or13 for the year. Not as good as last year but not bad for 2 dnf's and mostly not-so-hot races.

Props to Antonia for a hard fought come from behind win today. Missing a turn and falling on the equalizer hill couldn't keep the girl down as she beat out Sam Schnieder on the last lap to take the overall win and just a few points short of the season title. Nice work girl.

Now that racing's over maybe i'll get around to regular updates again. Later.

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Jay said...

Cool pictures and great job this year. Can't wait until the bmx season to start. Are you going to the awards banquet?