Saturday, November 26, 2005


It's been a long weekend and it still ain't over. Thursday rode down to my Aunt's in the city. On the trip, a novice-level brain-fart caused me to momentarily eat sh!t and in the process break the bar mount on my headlight. All OK, rolled on. Arrived about noon, ate turkey, chilled with family, watched Godzilla, yadda, yadda, yadda. Later with the cooler temps and no functioning headlight i opted for a lift home instead of hitting the Turkey ride as i had planned. I know, i'm a slacker. Other than that it's just been errands, snow riding and just being lazy. Feels weird not having a race for once. That might change next weekend though, we'll see. Until something exciting happens... Out.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


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I was on the fence about going today. Not sure if i felt like driving or paying $20 to kill myself for an hour. But hey, it was a nice gray November sunday during gun season, so what the he11 else was i going to do? Last chance to race cross this year and the course at Angell Park Speedway totally rocked. I gunned it on the start and was in about 6th on the first lap. Then i pretty much popped and drifted back into noman's land. Oh yeah, 'cross is like, hard, and i haven't ridden hard in a few weeks. I worked together with Dag Selander most of the race but we were going backwards the whole time. The last lap the leaders caught me and i was kind of relieved to not have to do another circuit. Ended up 12th ,a whole 2 spots up from DFL! B.Matter won it, Jesse 2nd and Mark took 5th, NICE! Despite my result i still had a blast and it got me off the couch. Look forward to hitting more next year.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Yesterday i did an easy ride on the Bugline out to Menomonee Falls and back. This morning was a fun ride on the Menomonee River trails. Jim G was the fearless leader on our "tour of the West side". While Russell made sure no one took a wrong turn and ended up in the 'hood, Jeremey and i rode our fixies and survived with only a few close calls. Jerry, Lori, Kevin and Singlespeed Amy were also in attendance along with the Old man who was ripping up the bmx section. Good flowing singletrack that literally runs right along the river and with some good dips, gulches, logs and roots to keep you on your toes. Later on, the thaw really greased things up making the terrain more challenging and more track-skid negotiable. After a few hours everyone got their fill, so then it was off to Qudoba, of course. Thanks again to Jim and Russ for showing us around.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005


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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


For me, Mondays fly and Tuesdays drag. By Hump Day it all evens out. Thursday is the new Friday and on friday i'm coasting. Fenders are my greatest recent investment even though my commute's only a half mile. Dripping Lemond. Load a DVD and spin the mtb, woo-hoo! Hoping for snow.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Rolled out at 7:30 this morning and ran into Littmann in town. YES, Jeff is actually out riding already after being released from ICU what, a few weeks ago? I rode with him for about half hour or so, real easy, before splitting off. It's great to see he's recovering well and should be back up to speed by spring. Then i hooked up with the Doc ride. It was a small group and most of them were tri-riders. Me and this dude Charlie pedaled off the front and ended up pounding nails, outta sight the whole ride. Got like 4 hours in, felt good. Then off to BMX. This seasons track is fast and mellow. I surprised myself and made both mains fairly easily, but my luck ran out there. A bad gate in open and sketchin' out in a turn in class left me coasting in with 2 DFL's, bummer. Hit it again tomorrow i guess. Out.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Busy doing nothing?
Seems like it. Got out for a couple hours tonight, first good ride since Iceman. Shame since i've felt good all week. Would love to do a bareknuckle throwdown with 'goat tomorrow(why so late?) but BMX is in the afternoon. Probably hit Doc ride if i can muster up the ambition. Would be nice to get one more good ride on the Zurich. I want a fixe like NOW. Thanksgiving would be ideal but before the snow flies for sure. Russ, get back to me! I get to race the little bike this weekend. I'm rusty as hell so we'll see how that goes. I found a mouse turd in the noodles i was boiling for mac & cheese. Game over on that course. I made some turd free spaghetti instead. Hopefully it will give me some bmx flow-jo this weekend.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


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Sunday, November 06, 2005


Three hundred and fifty dollars.

First wave out on a cool, clear Michigan morning. Start was fast and smooth. A few miles in a lead group of about 15-20 was established. First 10 were flat and sandy. Spin, coast, spin and hang on for dear life. Cole and a couple others got away. Pace chilled and i was primed. Moved to the front and stepped it up on the first series of hills only to take a bad line through a sand trap on the decsent and get passed by like 6 guys. Pass them back and get away only to get caught on a downhill road section, then pass them all again when the road went up. Pulled for awhile down a long double-track corridor before reminding myself i wasn't going to control the race on a single. Sat in and waited for the last series of climbs that i prerode. Caught 2nd place(in wave) with 7 to go. The terrain started to roll and it was go time. Attacked the hills and held the front with 4-5 on my wheel, ran a couple but didn't lose position. 1 guy was on me going into the last singletrack, i recovered through most of it then punched it and shook him off before the finish. Won my age group and in this race that's the phrase that pays!

The rest of the weekend was a blur of great Mexican food, cool LBS's, beer smuggling, getting lost, too much driving and fine Wisconsin repesentation in the race results. Big thanks to Don for the entry. Thanks to Jerry for driving us up and Amy, Lori and Jeremey for putting up with me all weekend. They all kicked @$$ this weekend with Jeremey and Amy pulling 5ths in SS, Lori 6th in AG and Jerry 18th in AG. Other notables: Cole won AG, Lirette & Ross Lemke 2nd in AG, Nathan G 5th in AG, Neil Swanson 7th, Ray 5th, Peterson's 7th in tandem and Jesse 17th in the Pro race. Congrats to anyone i missed. Wisconsin represent!

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Off to Iceman. Good luck to everyone going to the BMX opener, see ya next week. Gone...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Short and fast ride with Tbone and Nathan G at LP tonight. Nathan did'nt have a light, T had to work and i had stuff to get ready for this weekend, so we just hammered out a few loops between sunset and dark before disbanding. Brief but fun riding with them again.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Bills, fixed my brake lights and got the fuzz off my back, set the Surly up for Iceman action then ate a pizza while sitting on the trainer. Might ride LP with Tbone tomorrow. Leaving Thursday.

Todays RED FLAG:
Don't cash it till tomorrow? I better get my resume in order!