Friday, November 11, 2005


Busy doing nothing?
Seems like it. Got out for a couple hours tonight, first good ride since Iceman. Shame since i've felt good all week. Would love to do a bareknuckle throwdown with 'goat tomorrow(why so late?) but BMX is in the afternoon. Probably hit Doc ride if i can muster up the ambition. Would be nice to get one more good ride on the Zurich. I want a fixe like NOW. Thanksgiving would be ideal but before the snow flies for sure. Russ, get back to me! I get to race the little bike this weekend. I'm rusty as hell so we'll see how that goes. I found a mouse turd in the noodles i was boiling for mac & cheese. Game over on that course. I made some turd free spaghetti instead. Hopefully it will give me some bmx flow-jo this weekend.


mountaingoat said...

Riding so late because we have the team meeting in the evening in Brookfield. I'm almost finished with my road fixie. Just have to get a 20 Cog and I'm money.

Jay said...

Sorry couldn't make tonight I had to get teh car out of the shop. The intake manifold gasket had a leak and had to get it today at 3:15. Was hoping for a earlier time to get it but no dice. Hope you did well and didn't get taken out by Joey. See you tomorrow