Sunday, November 06, 2005


Three hundred and fifty dollars.

First wave out on a cool, clear Michigan morning. Start was fast and smooth. A few miles in a lead group of about 15-20 was established. First 10 were flat and sandy. Spin, coast, spin and hang on for dear life. Cole and a couple others got away. Pace chilled and i was primed. Moved to the front and stepped it up on the first series of hills only to take a bad line through a sand trap on the decsent and get passed by like 6 guys. Pass them back and get away only to get caught on a downhill road section, then pass them all again when the road went up. Pulled for awhile down a long double-track corridor before reminding myself i wasn't going to control the race on a single. Sat in and waited for the last series of climbs that i prerode. Caught 2nd place(in wave) with 7 to go. The terrain started to roll and it was go time. Attacked the hills and held the front with 4-5 on my wheel, ran a couple but didn't lose position. 1 guy was on me going into the last singletrack, i recovered through most of it then punched it and shook him off before the finish. Won my age group and in this race that's the phrase that pays!

The rest of the weekend was a blur of great Mexican food, cool LBS's, beer smuggling, getting lost, too much driving and fine Wisconsin repesentation in the race results. Big thanks to Don for the entry. Thanks to Jerry for driving us up and Amy, Lori and Jeremey for putting up with me all weekend. They all kicked @$$ this weekend with Jeremey and Amy pulling 5ths in SS, Lori 6th in AG and Jerry 18th in AG. Other notables: Cole won AG, Lirette & Ross Lemke 2nd in AG, Nathan G 5th in AG, Neil Swanson 7th, Ray 5th, Peterson's 7th in tandem and Jesse 17th in the Pro race. Congrats to anyone i missed. Wisconsin represent!


BoyWhore said...

nice nice nice. rockin it!

Jay said...

Does 350.00 go towards a Milwaukee single speed? Great job Ron.

mountaingoat said...

Only if it's a niner.